In response to a call from the Lubavitcher Rebbe in 1977 to open new places of davening and learning in the spirit of Chabad Chassidus, Bais Bezalel began 35 years ago in a 2nd floor office complex on Pico Boulevard near Beverly Drive. Not very many of you remember the 600 square foot shteibel that had difficulty getting a Minyan on a typical Shabbos morning.

We then acquired the property where Bais Bezalel is now in 1996 and spent the next several years designing and remodeling our synagogue. And, until recently our building accommodated many different programs and classes.

Recently, we have had much growth and have undergone a renovation to utilize more of our available space. This includes the recently completed cover on the upstairs patio to accommodate our children for safe outdoor play and will continue with other modifications to beautify and utilize our shul to it's full potential.

From those humble beginnings, with the Almighty's blessings, our shul has flourished and continues to grow.